Who can Invest

Who Can Invest

Enterprises and individuals alike can invest in Friance customers. Although there is no minimum, typical loan amount begins at Rs. 1 Lakh with no maximum. You can divide you investment portfolio among several borrowers for better risk management and building relations in the community.

Kinds of Investment

Price and Period

You get to choose the period for how long you can spare your capital and we will try to match close to it. Typically the loans are in short lending cycles of three to six months. This gives maximum flexibility to enterprises to maximize returns on short term capital surplus.

you also have the option to invest in systematic fashion, leveraging the power of compounding and growing your nest egg.

The potential returns are mostly driven by market forces and your risk apetite. You have complete control on when to invest, on who to invest and for how long to invest.

Friance charges subscription fee to leverage our expertise and platform. Please contact us for more details about subscription structures

Price & Period